5 Popular Swimmer Designs and How to Wear Them

5 Popular Swimmer Designs and How to Wear Them

Summer season is the perfect time to head to the beach to swim, chill out, and have a party. If you want to join in the fun, it is time to start looking for swimwear that will make you awesome. You will need swimwear that gives off a flirty vibe and makes you feel sexy. Fortunately, this can easily be achieved by shaping swimwear. Swimwear comes in all shapes and sizes. Current technology in fabric makes slipping into the trendiest swimwear instantly flattering. You will find that these swimsuit pieces are comfy and move with your body.

One Piece Swimsuit

One piece is a classic swimsuit design with a vintage appeal. Celebrities in Hollywood’s Golden era have unforgettable posters sporting this design. A one-piece swimsuit is instantly flattering to the body and forgiving to women who don’t want to show too much skin. Also, a one-piece swimsuit is effortlessly chic.

This type of swimsuit flatters curvy bodies. It is especially kind to that extra tummy pouch. Curvy girls should show off their assets and choose a deep neckline. Steer clear from close and boat necklines. 

The best patterns to choose are dainty prints for average-sized women. But curvier women should choose a monochrome colour in deep shades such as black and mauve. If you want a one-piece swimsuit that instantly flatters, make sure you choose a piece with shaping swimwear technology. It will contour your body shape and accentuate your asset.


It is every girl’s dream to look awesome in a bikini. Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits available in numerous styles and designs that can flatter every body type. There are several styles of bikini other than the well-known string bikini. Other types are monokini, tankini, and skirtini.

  • The monokini style will look amazing on women with a rectangular body shape. It is also a good choice for curvier women.
  • The trikini style is awesome on hourglass shaped as well as ruler shape bodies.
  • The tankini is great for apple-shaped bodies.

Trendy patterns right now are tie-dye prints, neon, and cut out patterns. Bikinis with ruffle trim are also fashionable.


If you want a fun and flirty look, choose a skirtini. It will have you sashaying on the beach like a sultry cat. It is the perfect outfit for pool parties. It helps accentuate your girly side with its modern-looking and sexy shorts and swimsuit ensemble. It helps cover problem areas such as the hips and thighs.

The skirtini is great for pear-shaped bodies. Women who want to downplay their full-thighs can create an illusion of thinner thighs.

Trendy patterns will be tribal patterns and polka dots. You might also want to choose a piece with a mesh neckline and an a-line design. Ruffles also look fashionable in skirtinis. If you have love handles, make sure to choose a high waist skirtini. It helps conceal these flaws.

Swim dress

This design is instantly flattering. It is a one-piece bathing suit with a skirt at the bottom, providing maximum coverage, especially in the butt and thigh areas. 

Active swimwear

This swimwear is your best choice if you want to actually hit the waters instead of simply lazing around the beach. It is designed for intense water activities such as swimming and diving. It is durable and stays in place even during complex movements.


There are plenty of swimwear designs to choose from when you want to be your most awesome in beach season. Choose the best design that will suit your purpose as well as your body type. For partying and hanging around on the beach, you may want to opt for feminine designs with ruffles and details such as sequins and beads. When you finally hit the waters, dependable active swimwear is best.

Trupti Sutar

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