3 zodiac signs with rough horoscope on 1st October 2022

3 zodiac signs with rough horoscope on 1st October 2022

It’s the first day of October and we’re already feeling the stress of what to expect this month.

If it’s all about attitude, some of us today will surely act and show the world what we are made of and that is pure stress and hassle.

We didn’t want to start October this way, but the thing is, some of us can’t help it as Mars opposes the Moon in a big way and shows a general sense of self-destruction and hostility and aggression.

On this day we may have received some news that upsets our plans and makes us angry.

It feels like we’re being robbed of the October-positivity we’ve been looking forward to. The energy of autumn sounds great to some…but why not to us?

Answer: Moon opposes Mars. Mars wants us to know who’s boss. The energy of Mars does not make us happy to walk without knowing that it is always there in October.

And so, we leave it to the opposition of Mars and Moon.

We let it go because we have no choice if we’re one of those zodiac signs that are especially susceptible to this kind of negative, overwhelming energy.

Today’s bad attitude may rub off on some, but for those of us who can’t stand that kind of destructive hostility, it could lead to much worse days.

Which three zodiac signs are rough on October 1, 2022?

  1. Aries
    (March 21 – April 19)

If there’s anything that’s pushing your buttons today, it’s the fact that no one in your work world feels right, which means their workload is falling on you, and what to do?

You are angry. You’re tired of the fall, and with the Moon opposing Mars as your main influence today, you’ll feel like you’re going to suffer.

You know yourself: once you get the toxins out of your system, you’ll feel so much better, even though you’ll probably ruin someone’s day for it, but do you care? Actually, Aries, you don’t.

And if you say that, it’s because you want people to think you care, but you don’t. You want to get through the day without feeling like a cleaning person. Your feelings will definitely get hurt today. Whatever works for you, huh?

  1. Lion
    (July 23 – August 22)

Today may be one of those days where you believe you get a free pass on all the people in your life. You don’t do exceptionally well during transits like Mars opposing the Moon, and if you need some Martian energy to rev up your engines, consider it done, because your ego is going to burn today.

Hostility is your middle name today and you don’t feel like you have to explain yourself to anyone. You will become the center of negative attention and people in your life will see you as someone they need to satisfy their desires.

You really do have ‘master manipulator’ talent Pat, Leo and today, with Moon opposition Mars as your guide, you’ll make sure everyone around you is in awe of your volatile mood and face. You love being the big, bad wolf; It makes you laugh when you see everyone freaking out.

Sneha Mali

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