2024 iPad Pro with Compatibility for the Apple Pencil Pro, OLED Panel, and M4 Chip Announced

2024 iPad Pro with Compatibility for the Apple Pencil Pro, OLED Panel, and M4 Chip Announced

At the Let Loose event, Apple also revealed the fourth generation iPad Pro in addition to the sixth generation iPad Air with an M2 chip included. The new iPad Pro’s main selling point is that it has Apple’s most recent M4 chip.

The fourth-generation iPad Pro is powered by the M4 chip, which represents a major improvement in performance and efficiency using a second-generation 3nm node. The M4 has a CPU that is 1.5 times quicker than its predecessor, the M2, and can significantly accelerate graphics operations by up to 4 times. Impressively, the efficiency has doubled, meaning that the M4 can perform at the same level as the M2 while using half the power. Here are some further details about the 2024 iPad Pro specs.

Features and Characteristics of the 2024 iPad Pro

The 2024 iPad Pro, which comes in 11- and 13-inch variants, is the first iPad Pro model from the firm to have an OLED pane. The screen’s High Brightness Mode (HBM) allows for a 1000 nit brightness and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Storage options for both devices include 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB.

For less glare, nano-texture display glass alternatives are also available for the 1 TB and 2 TB models. The 13-inch variant has a bigger battery capacity of 38.99Whr, whereas the 11-inch model has a 31.29Whr battery. A 20W USB-C charger is part of the device’s retail box.

The 2024 iPad Pro has two cameras: a 12-megapixel ultrawide front camera and a 12-megapixel rear camera with 4K video recording capabilities. Security is critical, and Face ID offers smooth authentication. For augmented reality applications, a LiDAR scanner’s accuracy is matched. It has a quadruple speaker arrangement for better audiovisual performance. Accessories like the recently released Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard are compatible with the new tablet. It has connectivity options including Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, eSIM compatibility, USB-C 4, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6E. Finally, iPad OS 17 is preinstalled on it.

With its 11-inch model weighing 444g (Wi-Fi) or 446g (Wi-Fi+5G) and the 13-inch variation measuring just 5.1mm thin and weighing 579g (Wi-Fi) or 582g (Wi-Fi+5G), the 2024 iPad Pro keeps a svelte and light profile.

Pricing of the iPad Pro in 2024

The 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi only) models have starting prices of $999 and $1,299, respectively, in the US. Their mobile versions come at an extra $200 fee. Costlier by $100 are the glass versions with nanotexture.

Starting at 1,199 euros and 1,449 euros, respectively, the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi only) versions are available in Europe. Customers must pay an extra 250 euros for 5G and an additional 130 euros for the nano-texture glass.

In India, the Wi-Fi variants have starting prices of Rs. 99,900 and Rs. 1,29,900. Its 5G versions are Rs 20,000 more expensive. The glass variations with nano-texture cost an extra Rs 10,000.

Space Black and Silver are the available color options for the iPad Pro. In most nations, its shipments are expected to start on May 15.

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