11-Year-Old Prodigy, Author Serah James Makes Waves

11-Year-Old Prodigy, Author Serah James Makes Waves

Serah James, at only11 years of age, is the author of 3 books, and currently writing her fourth one. She is conversational and has a magical imaginative mind that transforms and translates into her words. Ask her, “How to do you write so well, Serah”, and she would respond, “by beating myself in every book that I write next.”

Her aim, her ideas, and her way of carrying her thoughts are extremely graceful and elegant. Her stories, ‘Hunt for the Lost Gem’, ‘Silly & Milly’ and ‘The Adventures of My Black Balloon’ are not just stories written by an 11-year-old, but also stories that carry a strong meaning and message. 

In ‘Hunt for the Lost Gem’, Serah creates a world in a forest and strongly teaches how to be happy with what you have. It is a story of four friends, Misty, Rainbow, Spirit, and Sapphire. The story has its own ups and downs, which the young author beautifully narrates.

Serah also recently launched her third book, ‘The Adventures of My Black Balloon’, published by Mithaas Services. Speaking on the launch of her book, Serah says, “All I am trying to show through this book is that one must never judge someone on their physical appearance.” She adds, “This book has stories from my life – things I have learned and imagined over time”

Her writing is mature, cheerful, and innocent, says a proud mom, Rezina Denis. She adds that reading has always been Serah’s favorite hobby and that she keeps a monthly book buy expedition for her daughter, where both the mother-daughter duo finalizes the books to buy. “Serah is always excited to read new books”, Rezina shares. 

Serah’s journey in writing first started off with her mom. Today, she is a published author with Mithaas Services.

Mithaas Services is a publishing platform that has been actively involved in fulfilling the dreams that young eyes see. 

 “Literature is very powerful. It can build a new world. At Mithaas, it is our mission to bring that world to life with our authors.” says Devanshi Sharma, Founder, Mithaas Services. 

For more information on Mithaas Services, visit: mithaasservices.com/

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