Exclusive Interview With Bria White, Influencer and Fashion Connoisseur

Everything is online in the age of social media. In order to succeed, your brand needs to be able to present itself online and market itself. An online portfolio such as a personal website or Instagram page or blog can showcase your work within the creative space. Some insights from those who are already connoisseurs in the field can really help you create an image you want for your brand. To develop your own image, often times people research and try to emulate how others can conceptualized theirs. Today, we are meeting with Bria White, model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Bria has an outspoken, distinctive style that is well respected and loved by many people. Along with her entertainment company, she is an influencer known for her eye-catching fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle.

You spoke to us about the amazing support system you have. How vital has that been to your success?

My fiancé, Ernesha Johnson, is by far my biggest supporter. She has literally helped me build my brand at every step of the way while building her own and finishing nursing school. Despite having a lot on her plate, she has a lot of amazing things going on with her brand and businesses as well. She still is so active and plays such a vital role at every endeavor in our relationship whilst still having many other obligations as well. The fact that I am prioritized, speak volumes and is a testament to her kindheartedness and support. Support like this is so hard to come by and the genuinely have someone in your corner that loves what you do and not only wants you to succeed but also makes herself of service to help in any way, is such a blessing. We are that for each other and I think that is such a beautiful thing. My fiancé not only helps me with my brand/businesses, she also helps me in life. I honestly couldn’t have chose a better partner. I am so grateful for her. She’s amazing at everything she does!

I love your style and how you put outfits together. How did you learn? Where do you get your inspiration from?

My mother plays a huge role in my style both directly and indirectly. Growing up, she used to always have my sisters and I “dressed to the nines,” as the old folks say. She has always loved fashion and still does until this day she’s an avid shopper. So, I supposed her love for fashion just became ingrained in me, much like how my dad was a star athlete in track and football, my sisters and I became collegiate athletes. As far as how I put outfits together, I usually just see a piece or see someone wearing something that catches my eye and I try to find a way to put an outfit together surrounding that piece and make it my own. Inspiration come randomly sometimes, I get inspiration for everywhere.

What is your philosophy on fashion?

Fashion is the ultimate form of expression, I love how I can put on an outfit, walk into a room, and not have to say a word. It’s not just about the outfits itself however, it’s a culmination of: how you show up, how you smell how you present yourself. Appearance is everything. Not looks, but appearance. Looks, you can’t really control but appearance you can, and that makes all the difference.

How can someone contact you if they want to work with you?

Anyone wanting to work with me can contact me through my website www.briawhite.com or on my Instagram and just hit the email tab and shoot my assistant an email. I would definitely tell anyone to keep up with my website though because that’s where I’ll be updating everyone on as far as appearances and brand collaborations are concerned.

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