The story of Mustak Ahmmed Shanto : A successful education entrepreneur

The story of Mustak Ahmmed Shanto : A successful education entrepreneur

Developed countries have always adapted their education system to keep pace with the times and value the needs of the times. The system of higher education that is prevalent in Bangladesh is very inadequate compared to the students in our country At present there are only 53 public universities in our country In this way, even if the meritorious students want, they cannot get admission in the subject or university of their choice Besides, most of the students dream of getting higher education abroad But due to the lack of accurate information, the long cherished dreams of many are also hampered in the middle That is why Mustak Ahmmed Shanto, a young education entrepreneur, a prominent education reformer, and a visionary of modern education, is working as an education entrepreneur to realize the dreams of those who want to pursue higher education abroad.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto, Founder Chairman of Global Process Foundation and Head of Global Process Education Group, a technology based modern education reformer. He was born in Muktagacha Upazila of Mymensingh District. He studied up to high school in Mymensingh, and after graduating from high school, he studied at the China Three Gorges University in China on a Rockefeller Scholarship for higher studies. Before going to study in China, Mustak realized that he was misleading students by giving wrong information to various consultancy firms in the country.
Seeing this, Mustak established ‘Global Process Limited’ in Nikunja, the capital of Dhaka, in 2017 with a holistic idea of higher education abroad. Students become education entrepreneurs by wanting to do something independently for themselves.

At the age of 22, he is now widely known as an education entrepreneur in Bangladesh and is a reflection of his success in this sector. Dear Reader, we will now try to find out about this talented personality, one of the best education entrepreneurs recognized by the World Education Congress.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is a popular Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Medical Doctor, Educational Entrepreneur, Musician, Film producer, Businessman, Consultant, Educationist, Social Activist & Social Influencer.” He is Mostly known as an educational entrepreneur rather than a Musician. Mustak also a self-published author, has published several books.
He is the current Managing Director and Founder of Global process Limited.
The new Mustak Ahmmed has pledged to promote peaceful education with the theme “Higher Education for All”. At present, more than five hundred students are studying in the educational institutions of different countries through the Global Process Limited Education Group, which has been formed through a timely initiative.

Global Process Limited has built Mustak Ahmmed Shanto with the belief that education plays the most important role in the overall development of the people. He is also the founder of Global Process Travels, Global Process Language Club, Global Media Gear, and Global Process Edu Management. The Consultancy Firm provides comprehensive assistance to students in Bangladesh who wish to study at universities in different parts of the world for higher education, including university admissions, tuition, tuition fee management and studies as well as work. The institute works on admissions and scholarships for Bangladeshi students in universities in Asia and Europe.
In addition, visa, immigration and tour arrangements, hotel bookings, travel insurance, travel loan arrangements and ticketing assistance are provided.
During this time, he visited the world’s leading educational institutions through this institution and gained extensive knowledge and experience related to education in particular, he traveled to many countries in Asia and Europe and gained experience in the educational activities of those countries
In recognition of his achievements, Mustak Ahmmed Shanto has received numerous national and international awards and honors at home and abroad, including Best Education Entrepreneur, Education Reformer and Business Entrepreneur. Awarded the Outstanding Contribution in Education, International Edu Star for Leadership in Quality Award 2019 for outstanding contribution in the field of education.

In the context of coming to this position today, Mustak said, I had to overcome many adversities and adversities in the beginning. So, I sincerely believe that students will achieve their goals through a fully-fledged, dynamic and modern education system. We are engaged in relentless efforts to educate the next generation through the practice of intellect and thinking. Meritorious students.

Let them come for good education and go out for service, let them bear it in their hearts. My only advice for new entrepreneurs is to be strong-willed and have the courage to be an entrepreneur. Success is one of the things that every human being needs So you have to work with courage believing in your goals.

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