The Moon Carl met Danvel: Nazar Babenko & Igor Kotov

The Moon Carl met Danvel: Nazar Babenko & Igor Kotov

It seems that in the near future the cryptocurrency trading market will be replenished with a new powerful company, in will have a profound effect on the global market. At Binance week in Paris, millionaire and crypto-blogger Moon Karl IG: @themooncarl (who is also known as a sponsor of Formula 1 and a collector of expensive Bugatti cars) wrote an Instagram story about a meeting with Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_ and Igor Kotov IG: @igor_kotov, members of the Danvel board of directors.

In itself, the participation of Danvel executives in the event is an unusual event. After all, Danvel, as our sources know, has not previously entered the public cryptocurrency trading market. It can be assumed that the strengthening of Bitcoin in the financial sector forced the company’s management to reconsider its position and increase the number of traders and team members. According to authoritative experts, the rules of the game have changed in the crypto market in recent years, and bitcoin has even set a world record in terms of price and capitalization.

Recalling that Danvel worked for many years in China, where analysts noted the boom of a multi-million audience of the company’s activities. And at this time – confidently strengthens its position in the international market. Danvel’s team of top traders is based in Switzerland and is in the top 20 companies of crypto world according to global crypto communities.

We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you about the new heights of the Danvel team and the significant meetings of its leaders.

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