Taha Masud 17 year old self made Bangladeshi multi millionaire teen

Taha Masud 17 year old self made Bangladeshi multi millionaire teen


Today we are presenting you as one of the most talented teens of Bangladesh. Who is only 17 and is already a Bangladeshi multi millionaire. 

We present you Masud Ashraf Taha. From his childhood taha used to love gadgets. But as he was really young at that time he didn’t have a lot of money to buy gadgets. So he used to use his sister’s phone to use the web & he used to search how to earn money from online.


It was back then in 2015 where everyone didn’t have the option to learn from the internet & there weren’t too many tutorials for learning. So he started a youtube channel and he used to use his sister’s phone to upload and edit videos. The videos were about technology. He had a few channels on YouTube but not a lot of subscribers. So he started to learn coding, graphics, music making, web making but all by himself searching online. Because there was no platform to help him. 

After 3 years of hard work and learning everything he got the first payment from YouTube which was $100. But after that 3 days later he received a mail from Google Adsense that his account was closed because he was not 18 and wasn’t permitted to do business. 

At this point if anyone was at his place he would’ve quit & won’t try again. But he didn’t stop, he started to look for sponsors because his youtube account was still there but didn’t have the Adsense account.

So after that he got to work with a few companies & made an amazing reputation within a few months. Then he worked for the hult prize program of the United nations.

He has worked with more than 300 tech companies including samsung, awei , cowin, Intel & a lot of other brands.

In 2019 he became one of the youngest self made bangladeshi multi millionaire teens.

Millions in BDT.

In 2020 – march he made more than $5000 working for well known brands of amazon.

He has all proof in his instagram. He is also an instagram influencer now.


He has made highlights to make it easy for everyone to check his work.

He will soon be in the list of self made crorepati.

But money is not his goal as we have asked what he plans to do next. He said he is opening a platform where he will teach people how to earn money . Where all the talented bangladeshi people will come & share their talents so people can learn from the platform .

He also said I’ll make sure no one has to suffer again in Bangladesh to learn & grow their skills. It will be basically a platform for people sharing their skills there will also be courses which will be very affordable.

Lastly he said:

“ We share together, we grow together”

Media Contact Information:

Name: Taha

Email: [email protected]

Websites: https://www.homeacademybd.com/

TMtechbd: https://www.tmtechbd.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/taha_musweet?igshid=65dfkavu41vy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100038378692740

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