Successful Entrepreneur and Coach Cornel Herold has astounded people by making 7 figures annually with his Apps.

Successful Entrepreneur and Coach Cornel Herold has astounded people by making 7 figures annually with his Apps.

His grit, passion and commitment to teaching people how to make robust apps without the knowledge of coding have led him to the forefront of the industry.

Technology is growing at a rapid speed. Demand for Apps has grown immensely in the last five years. Today, young entrepreneurs and coders use their talent to develop top useful apps that can help business people thrive in their field. However, we are also fortunate enough to also see the rise of certain young entrepreneurs who have been totally astounding people with doing the unusual and getting into their areas of interest while still being teenagers. Cornel Herold is one such talented being, who at only 18 years, is doing tremendously well in the vast app field. He hails from Hungary and has managed to earn 1 million dollars with his five apps that were made only in a span of one year.

Who is Cornel Herold?

Cornel Herold is a young entrepreneur, making a massive name in the app world with his advanced skills and talents. He is gaining success and showing young people how to attain success by building robust apps just like him, without any knowledge of coding. Interestingly, he has been coaching people as a teenager entrepreneur and has made people realize that all of this is possible with just a couple of hundred dollars and a laptop.

Under 20 top app creator and entrepreneur:

Cornel Herold’s name comes in top entrepreneurs under 20 in Hungary who creates one of the finest Apps in the industry. He is rated as the top App creator in Hungary.

Earning his First Million:

In no time, this young entrepreneur has earned more than a million with just five Apps. All his Apps are gaining a good following and downloads, helping him grow better and expand his name across the industry.

Youngest Coach of the world:

The Teenager Entrepreneur of Hungary is now using his knowledge for others’ good. Yes, he is now guiding youngsters to thrive in this field. He is becoming a PRO coach, which has helped him become a dynamic entrepreneur of Hungary.

Powerful team:

Today, Cornel has a team of 12 who are working with him to improve the program and help his students. He understands the importance of a good team and maintains good relationships with each one.

He created the App Formula Masterclass, an online educational programme that helps people launch their profitable apps. It guides them from coming up with an idea to marketing the app to helping them create wealth. They have been working to help people reach success in the app business without any coding knowledge or any investment.

Cornel has taught 100 people at a time with his program. He loves guiding people as well as teaching them. He is a modern-day Guru who wants to change the fortunes of people with his guidance.

To find out more about this truly talented teenager entrepreneur and coach, follow him on Instagram @cornelherold and visit his website.


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