Singer Giulia Tosi is an inspiration for several budding singers and dreamers

Singer Giulia Tosi is an inspiration for several budding singers and dreamers

Do you come across someone who fulfils the criteria of your ideal figure immediately when you meet them? There are scarcely scattered people who will promptly become your inspiration and Giulia Tosi belongs to the same category.

She is a singer who started her journey with absolutely nothing but her talent. We all know this woman for her irresistible voice. She has spent years learning everything about music from numerous successful musicians and following the lead of some of the top female pop singers. But what makes her a source of inspiration? Her voice? Of course, yes! But, she has more…

Giulia’s journey was an uphill battle and her dedication was as rigid as a mountain. This is what nudged many upcoming singers to take inspiration from her.

We asked many nascent artists about how Giulia Tosi inspires them. Answering this question, one of her fans said, “She has my heart. The faultlessness with which she vocalises a song is unparalleled. Switching between different notes while still singing the lyrics with the same intensity energises me to learn more from her.”

The fans have got her treasured singer very right. The beauty with which Giulia Tosi sings is purely profound and is reflected in every song. Besides her song, many of Giulia’s fans also admire her for her journey. A fan says, “She is a commendable singer and I love all her songs. However, I’m more inspired by the fact that Giulia Tosi has achieved all this success on her own. Many people grow with the assistance of other established individuals in the industry. I find Giulia Tosi’s journey relatable.”

Only a handful of people know that Giulia Tosi is a law graduate and is also working for her family’s business. Even though she invests a great deal of time in her work, she is equally dedicated to singing. Giulia Tosi is truly an inspiration for every dreamer and now we know that!

Derek Robins

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