Shubham Singh Dhanda: The Digital Marketing Wizard

Shubham Singh Dhanda: The Digital Marketing Wizard

A versatile marketing consultant from Delhi named Shubham Singh Dhana is an illustrious and dedicated lad, with enthralling procurements. To be impelling enough at such a young age in itself is admirable.

The 21-year-old digital marketing consultant is also the founder of ‘SSDMEDIAWZ’ inhabiting Delhi, India. His unprecedented approach and cognizance have aided him to build his own steps to success. He devised unique ways to utilize the internet to his aid and acquired fruitful results. At the young age of 20, his splendor has corroborated the claim that he is notable in the digital niche. Shubham is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree In Comput Science from IP University.

Establishing “SSDMEDIAWZ”, he grasped monumental attention. His company provides all sorts of services related to digital marketing. To engage with more people as a marketing consultant, he was strongly inclined to strengthen his networks and worked rigorously in the direction.
Shubham has heeded several clients, popular in their respective niches also he has engendered healthy working relationships with several companies and Bollywood Celebrities. He has successfully aided them to greater heights by handling and managing their digital arenas.

From the connoisseur himself- he believes “Learn new things every day to explore a new version of yourself”. A man who created and sustained such smart work environments is truly remarkable. We admire his efforts and hope he procures his goals.

Shane T. Foster