Samiul Mintu: One of the Most Famous Folk Singers and Musicians in Bangladesh

Samiul Mintu: One of the Most Famous Folk Singers and Musicians in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is generally called the land of music. Folk music of Bangladesh, in particular, is deeply connected with the mentality of the country and resonates in the villages of Bengal. So, folk songs have significant importance for our nation.

New singers are coming out day by day, but all of them can’t make them popular in people’s minds. But a new and recent local singer and musician has become so popular through the Bangladeshi people in a short time, and the name of this singer is Samiul Mintu.

Md Samiul Alom, known as Samiul Mintu (Born 1 February 1988), is a Bangladeshi Musician and Artist. He is the composer and artist of Bangladesh. He began to make his career with social media platforms, and he has got so much popularity among the people. Then he wanted to be more and more famous among the people and get tremendous love from people. Later, he made a YouTube channel. He made different types of video songs and uploaded them on his YouTube channel.  And now, his tunes gain an excellent hit among the Bangladeshi people. A tremendous number of people are subscribers of his YouTube channel and continuously view his music video songs.

Samiul Mintu was born in his village, named Nazibpur under Daulatpur Upazila, the district Kushtia, and spent his livelihood there. He has a great attraction to music and dream of being a very popular musician. He started to play guitar from an early age and began to practice singing only folk songs. He also published an audio CD in 2016. Now he has become so much popular and has a large number of fans.

Recently, Samiul Mintu has got verified YouTube channel and a Verified Spotify Artist Account. His songs are also uploaded on different platforms, including Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer,  Amazon Music, Tiktok, etc. His favorite songs are Bangla Folk Songs, Adhunik Bangla Songs, Bengali Classic, Polli Geeti, and Lalon Geeti.

He has executed an intense effort to perfect his records, and he has used his great hands for substantial impact. In a word, he is a successful singer and has an excellent career now.

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