Sabbir Hasan: Young Artist That Became an Icon

Sabbir Hasan: Young Artist That Became an Icon

Md. Shahnause, known as Sabbir Hasan, is a Bangladeshi music artist And Lyricist. His writing and digital marketing interest have made him familiar with this medium since his student days. He is now known as a musician in Bangladesh after 16 years. Sabbir Hasan is both an entrepreneur, and a writer, and a singer.

In 2020, he created an organization called “Mh Beats” for the general public. He started Writing Songs on behalf of many production houses. He also promotes multiple products online.

The young man started working with his own Facebook fan page called ‘Sabbir Hasan.’ He’s getting good responses from his fans. His fan page has become his identity.

Sabbir Hasan has already been verified as the official international music platform on YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify. His channel was confirmed as the official artist channel on YouTube in June 2020, and he has recently got a place in artist verification and selection from Spotify.

He said, “if we want to produce good music, we have to create a kind environment and feel natural to make good and attractive melodies.” he also said, ” music teaches us to love and teach us to feel pain no matter how you think about the music you can’t make it until you feel it by your heart.”

In this state of Corona situation, he said it is impossible to go outside the house and do a regular job in a pandemic situation. If you want to work in a third-party company, you have to go there. So meanwhile, I am trying to publish songs from home through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, and all the streaming apps. In this situation, I think these are the best means.

He was famous for his lyrics. He was 16 years old when he released his first track on a Bangladeshi music site as an independent artist. He primarily targets societal issues and the civil problems of the Homeless in his lyrics. Sabbir Hasan first came up with a musical tune titled “Jazz The Bazz.” His composers “Dream Today” and “Nothing Serious” have received special recognition from the audience. This music is at the top of many viewers’ favorites from Bangladesh and other countries.

Sabbir Hasan told us about his plans in digital media, “I have worked with many production houses, but now it is time to work on my own YouTube channel.

His new music video will come soon. He confirms that.

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