Pohyal Stori explains ways through which people can generate better ideas for their businesses.

Pohyal Stori explains ways through which people can generate better ideas for their businesses.

Pohyal Stori has risen to the top as a German-Afghan entrepreneur at 23 years and has unimaginable feats to his credit for the Pashtun community.

First of all, to even think of entering the world of entrepreneurship is an act of courage and determination, this no one can deny. All our lives we have been taught to give in our best at whatever we choose to do in any field, but how are we suppose to do it, nobody shows the right path. This is when influential and powerful entrepreneurs of the world enter the picture, who not just pose as great examples to the world, but also take us on a different journey, making us learn from their real success stories. Posing as a great example to the world is one such young entrepreneur named Pohyal Stori, whose Pashtun lineage and his learnings from his grandfather who fought for their unification imbibed in him great values and principles and helped him understand that life without purpose is life without meaning.

Pohyal Stori is a Germany born, German-Afghan entrepreneur and cultural activist, who at 23 years of age already has to his credit getting the Pashto language into Google’s translation system and is also the owner of several IT companies. As we sat down with him to ask how as a young entrepreneur was he able to generate new ideas for his businesses, Pohyal Stori chose to share a few tips on generating better ideas for businesses for budding entrepreneurs.

  • Think as an artist: Sometimes to develop great ideas even in technical fields like IT, people need to first think like an artist and then take it upward from there, thinks Pohyal Stori. Creative and passionate thinking can help people come up with ideas that can do the good for companies and take them to greater success.
  • Be flexible: Thinking that continuous working hours only will give results is a bubble people need to burst. Pohyal Stori explains that being flexible in business will give entrepreneurs more time for themselves, which can lead them towards generation of more ideas. A quiet ‘me time’ can also help entrepreneurs to come up with outstanding ideas for their businesses.
  • Learn from people who are different: Sometimes it is essential for entrepreneurs to learn from people who aren’t like them and are quite different. This can help entrepreneurs know and understand how others think and perceive things, which can broaden their mindsets and give them more ideas.

Talking about his personal experience, Pohyal Stori says he generates more ideas from problem situations. For example, they had no Pashto language in Google translator, this ignited the fire in him to solve the problem and the rest is history.

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