Jahidul Islam Jahid – An Extremely Talented Entrepreneur, Businessman and Artist in the music industry

Jahidul Islam Jahid – An Extremely Talented Entrepreneur, Businessman and Artist in the music industry

The 21st century has brought an opportunity for developing careers in different industries. The young generation has been using this opportunity. Jahidul Islam Jahid is a young entrepreneur, businessman, and artist. He is using the social media and skill of digital marketing for proving his skills and god gifted. The growth of technology in the 21st century has set up the minds of young people in a new way and has motivated them to do something uniquely.

Jahidul Islam Jahid has come forward with new and arousing ideas on technical grounds. He has successfully combined skills and attributes for becoming a young icon all over Bangladesh as a successful music composer, reputed business figure, and considerable entrepreneur. This passionate music composer has composed eight songs that have been accepted and praised by the young generation. The first album of Jahidul Islam Jahid named “One Day” has been praised by many famous artists and composers.

In this regard, Jahidul Islam Jahid has set an example of backbreaking work and profound knowledge of music. A 28- years old entrepreneur from Dhaka is trying to achieve the goal of being a musician.

Jahidul Islam Jahid said, “Passion for something creates the way of gaining the goal with hard work and regular efforts.” Knowledge of digital marketing is helping him to investigate different perspectives on the web about several types of professions. Craving for music and a lucid touch of rhythm has touched him enormously. As a result, the passion for music has become very much overflowed, and now he is creating such excellent music compositions.

As an enthusiastic and ambitious kid since childhood, Jahidul Islam Jahid has been used his knowledge in various fields such as sports, management, studies, etc., and gained success as an entrepreneur and music composer.

As the founder of “JAHID MEDIA” Jahidul Islam Jahid noted, “It is very common that people are interested in contributing for a specific industry, but hard work and proper discipline make them great.” Unique vision and strategy are also considered essential elements of success. Added Jahidul Islam Jahid. He has mentioned the “JAHID MEDIA” as a platform for upcoming new talents in the music industry. Twelve people are working in this music-related organization, and more than half a hundred young people are involved with their passion for contributing to the country as music personals. Digital marketing is an essential tool by Jahidul Islam Jahid to attract more people to music.

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