Inspiring greatness in the digital place with influencer crypto marketing and promotions is Mirko Scarcella’s Lion Adv.

Inspiring greatness in the digital place with influencer crypto marketing and promotions is Mirko Scarcella’s Lion Adv.

Lion Adv’s expertise in marketing cryptocurrencies on social media has brought enormous visibility and exposure to various crypto projects.

Amongst the many industries and sectors that have been growing enormously around the world, no one can deny the endless growth and opportunities present with the digital world. Although a few years back, people had only predicted about the digital space taking over other industries, no one thought that the future was near and that digital marketing and social media platforms could immerse every possible field and sector, giving each one of them innumerable opportunities to grow. Mirko Scarcella, a well-known marketing and communications specialist, Instagram guru and entrepreneur, realized these opportunities and decided to utilize and optimize the same to not just help people and businesses to reach their next level but also the various crypto ventures that needed great visibility and exposure through digital crypto marketing and advertising.

Mirko Scarcella’s efforts can be proved by the kind of growth he has brought for cryptocurrencies by advertising on prominent and exclusive locations in the world, such as One Time Square and The Nasdaq billboard with his unique digital marketing firm “Lion Adv”, which excels at marketing for cryptocurrencies on social media. Working with some of the greatest celebrities of the world and doing crypto celebrities promotions, influencer crypto promotions and marketing and crypto advertising have now become a way of life for the astute team at Lion Adv, running under the guidance and leadership of Mirko Scarcella.

Lion Adv by Mirko Scarcella was initiated in the year 2019; however, only in 2020, after Mirko Scarcella found a new interest in growing cryptocurrencies, did he direct his efforts towards making his firm a robust crypto marketing agency. Lion Adv today has made a unique name in the digital marketing space as a Miami-based company that is driven by its strong visions to use celebrities’ gigantic social media presence and reach to increase the visibility of cryptocurrency ventures, something no other marketing firm has done before.

Lion Adv today has been able to create meaningful relationships with several celebrities, using the power of cryptocurrencies, promoting crypto projects on a wide scale. With the kind of innovations Mirko Scarcella has brought in the digital space by promoting crypto with celebrities and doing crypto promotions and advertising, he has become a game-changer in the industry. 

Mirko Scarcella who is the author of the book, Bible SUCCESS FAME MONEY that talks about how to get popularity via the use of social media platforms such as Instagram. This book’s preface was written by Floyd Mayweather. Floyd said about Mirko “… .. my friend Mirko teaches you to create your popularity with Instagram parameters, to become known, to make your company known and to sell products through the web. Life is fighting for results. I have always done it and continue to do so. Commit yourself and make your dreams come true. “.

Renowned photographer David LaChapelle who collaborated with Scarcella for the cover of “The Bible Success Fame Money”

LaChapelle, who has framed celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Kim Kardashian and Madonna,

In the last book of Mirko he talks about his life, “the business game’, on the foreword Nicky Jam said ““… .. add discipline and a lot of dedication you can achieve what you set out to do, because this makes me happy to have been chosen to invite you to read a story like mine, that of Mirko, another young man who has had to go through many things, to get to tell his story today…. “.

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