Hani Amini : Fashion influencers in the world of music

Hani Amini : Fashion influencers in the world of music

Hani Amini Born (1 January 2002 on Tehran) is Iranian Musician and Fashion Designer. There are always people who have a lot of influence on the way we dress, they are the same influencers of fashion icons.

We have all been big fans of a series of celebrities at some point in our lives, and we have unconditionally imitated their clothing style and appearance, and to some extent their lifestyle, and they have always been a model for us. They have been called perfect human beings. Of course not, we were just fascinated by the charms that the media gave us!

Fashion icons are fashion icons of famous people who have a dramatic effect on people’s clothing. In fact, the right word that can be chosen for them is nothing but “fashion influencers”! In fact, it is the important and impressive icons of their style that place these people in the category of cover influencers; Now this icon can be a special hairstyle or a special cover!

Hani Amini is one of the youngest female artists in the Middle East to have the record for most music broadcasts on Iranian platforms. She is also the wife of famous musician Javad Safaee. It is not only the brands that are involved in introducing and spreading a trend, a large part of this introduction is on the shoulders of these influencers.

Fashion icons, however, usually follow a unique style, or in other words, have a personal signature on the cover. This is free of any new trends and fashions, it is a special style that is spread by the fans of a famous person in a time situation and some brands cleverly incorporate this trend into their designs and are inspired by it.

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