A Record Label’s Guide of Getting Signed – Insider Information with the Founders of SlideBass Records

A Record Label’s Guide of Getting Signed – Insider Information with the Founders of SlideBass Records

In the middle of a global pandemic, most SlideBass events are put on hold, but that also means there is more time for the community to come together and socialize. We have brought together the founders of SlideBass Records (7rivon & 1SkyeeArc) on May 8th, 2020 via an online interview session, and they are here to tell you guys about their perspectives and insider information about the label, and an official guide on getting signed.

“What made you start SlideBass Records?”


We noticed that there wasn’t really any other label around that was willing to offer non-royalty split music distribution as well as many other forms of services, so 7rivon and me set out to fill that gap in the industry by starting SlideBass Records.


Yeah, for sure! When we originally created SlideBass Records, it was an idea between my good friend 1SkyeeArc while we were producing an upcoming album together. In the studio, we were complaining about the lack of generosity nowadays in the music world. Many start to think of music as an industry, and as a competition. So, I decided to do something about it. That’s why we created SlideBass Records, though at the time, it was called SlideBass EDM. I wanted to help out other producers alike, with amazing resources and tips on music production without limitations of budget, competition, or contracts. As far as I know it, it’s going pretty well…

“How would someone go about getting signed to the label? What is the process in getting noticed?”


Through our website (www.slidebass.com), artists, producers and musicians are able to submit demos of their music for us to listen through. Music can also be submitted to us via Instagram, Twitter or Email, but the best way is through the website! After you have submitted your track, our team will go through it, and if it is something that they like we’ll personally go through it and get back to you with a contract proposal and take things from there.


Yeah, and don’t worry! For those people who are concerned about genre mismatch, SlideBass will accept any genre of music, so just send your music over! We have specific expertise and playlists for individual genres, which means that you’ll still get the same benefits of genre-specific labels. What we look for is potential. We want music that has a really strong and un-forcefully memorable structure and melody. I can only say this for SlideBass, but we do not look at your popularity or how “famous” you are. As intel for other labels though, that could potentially be an important factor. Especially small record labels, they wish to grow themselves as a business, therefore they would be more likely to accept music from artists with a larger following. As they are business-oriented they would most likely see how much they can earn out of your song. However in SlideBass we just want to listen to good music, and share the joy of music with a world-wide audience.

“What are the biggest struggles with running a record label?”


The biggest struggle perhaps is that nowadays there are simply so many other record labels to compete with, and from an artist point of view it can be difficult to know which label to settle with. To combat this issue/struggle, we strive to provide the best quality of services available for an independent/community based label. 


That is true. We can’t just create another label identical to the other 99%. It is good to be innovative and provide actual useful resources for the artists we are collaborating with. But if every label is innovative, then that would be a whole new struggle by itself. I can also say this for other record labels, but there are just too many demos sent to labels everyday. If you decide to send your tracks by email, it is best to provide a downloadable SoundCloud link, with an organized and concise email with all the details of the song, a little bit about yourself, and how we can contact you back. A lot of labels also tend to favor ready-to-be released tracks than draft demos.

“What position do you see SlideBass Records having in the coming years?”


The future is however difficult to predict, and in an ever changing industry it is hard to say exactly where we see ourselves in a few years, but one thing is certain and that is that we will continue to work towards our goals, discover new talent and build artists through our extensive arsenal of resources and in doing so, establish SlideBass Records as a recognisable label in the music industry.


Yeah, but in general we are looking forward to releasing more diverse genres of music, and actually in recent terms we are looking forward to developing more playlists and helping artists network and get official remix licences!

“What kind of services/resources do you offer to those who sign with SlideBass Records?”


For those who sign with us, there are a number of services/resources that we offer the artist to help them out. These include: Management, collaboration opportunities, social growth/marketing, full design services, platforms to distribute music on, mixing and mastering, instrumentals and much more. We essentially offer a full package of services that includes everything needed to take the leap needed in your music career.


Yes, and we also have an extremely big library of exclusive sample packs! These are only accessible to artists in SlideBass, so your tracks can stay extremely unique! We also constantly share new musical ideas, such as melodies and chords. These are completely exclusive, so as soon as you download the idea, it is taken off the site! Boom, you’ve just got yourself a fully exclusive sample, fully commercial-free for your own projects!

“A lot of people say that Record Labels are not needed in the modern age of the music industry, what are your thoughts on this?”


Yes, we have heard this statement many times before. With the introduction of social media it’s becoming easier than ever to grow and get heard as a fully independent artist. However, with this being said, the competition is growing day for day and for a lot of upcoming artists, having a label backing them is what they need to take the leap and get out of the massive “crowd” of other artists and musicians. Myself and Trivon, have extensive knowledge of the music industry and are through SlideBass Records able to help other artists with this knowledge.


Yeah, and also, who doesn’t want free samples? We are an internet based label now, not all traditional and old-school. We have the resource so we will utilize it, to truly give the help artists need most with.

“What’s the contract like with SlideBass?”


The contract is very good, at least in our opinion 🙂 Unlike many other labels, we do not take a royalty split from songs distributed via our world-wide network!


Exactly, haha! I will be completely honest with you, this is our deal currently; It may feel too good to be true, but this time it’s actually true! So for a normal artist who only wants to release a single or album through SlideBass Records, we will take a 5% cut from their royalties to advertise and distribute their music everywhere. It is also used to uphold the website and gives them access to all our resources. But that’s the worst case scenario, ha. If you want to get signed as an artist, you can release all your music through SlideBass Records without ANY cut from your royalties, and essentially get infinite resources from our website. We won’t limit what songs you can or cannot put out. You can even post your music with other labels while being signed! Now if you want the best benefits, you can opt in as an exclusive artist. This rank, we will ship you a free SlideBass Tee (Artist exclusive!) and get featured on all our partnering sites, including our awards ceremony at the end of every year!

About SlideBass Records

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SlideBass Records began in 2018 as an online community sharing high-quality music production resources. Originally named SlideBass EDM, we established a good foundation and morale that is to help the people starting in music production, with amazing opportunities and resources that they can’t originally afford. Soon, the company underwent a massive rebranding in 2019, even redesigning the logo to what it is like today. SlideBass Records is now a world-wide record label, mainly based in the United States, Sweden, China, and Norway. Becoming a community-based record label, we decided to offer indie artists opportunities to get their music heard, without the cost of royalty splits, or limitations. Promising 0% of royalty splits, and free worldwide distribution to all streaming platforms, we hope to help out the music community and re-spark the ambition to create good music. All artists will also have the opportunity to access the massive library of SlideBass resources, ranging from collaboration opportunities with other SlideBass Artists, sample packs, playlist submissions, and much more.

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Official Website: https://www.slidebass.com/

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Official Website: https://1skyeearc.beatstars.com/

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4B0v8YPPkrQyy9yMEPMpA

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